José Antonio Martínez Porras (Chirri)

Born in Alberite (La Rioja, España)

in the 20th of March 1959

Mail de contacto:

Tf: 918875571 ó 689331967 (Spain)


2015x1020 mm
(Private Collection)




Initiation in the oil painting (Teacher E. G. Moreda)

La Rioja


Art and Decoration at the Rioja's Technical School

La Rioja


Paint Workshop "Estudio Navaridas"

La Rioja


Curso Escuela de Teatro de La Rioja

La Rioja


"Del poema al video" Course of Videocreation with Raúl Rodríguez (Círculo de Bellas Artes)



Folclore's Courses (dulzaina y tamboril) with Calletano Morales in"La Taberna Encantada"



Sort Course of Clown with Erit de Bont



Video Course "Escuela Viridiana"



For the past years, the topic of my pictures has gone around our ancestors´ reminscences represented inside the old rooms. Here, the human element appears in a latent way. In the recent ones, however, this element is clearer with the emerging of faces (sometimes formed by animals) among stones or cobwebs, shaping, at the same time, other faces "where the single one is linked with the everything". We are looking through the window of life that separates the outside from the inside but, for some reason, we only see what we have within.

The study of the lights (as I see it) emerges a an ambicious, but not impossible, challenge. The game consists of catching the atmosphere of a certain instant of the day.



Long time before I was born, Photography had liberated painters from the responsibility of portraying external reality. Taking the baton from the Impressionists, their heirs headed by Fauve and Matisse, with their wild colours, at the very beginning of the Twentieth century, ended by exploding the old fashioned Academicism, thus opening the great source of the historical Avantgardes, giving continuously rise to "isms". 

In my opinion the following are outstanding painters and currents: E. Munch and the violent but touching Expressionism, Picasso who in the search of his own way, found out, after Cubism, the innocence in painting. Meanwhile, the Surrealists, in debt to the radical Dadaism, explored into the unconscious, and Kandinsky announced through Abstraction, that the Image was wore.

The abandonment of perspective, smashing silhouettes, increasingly less recognizable, over the canvass, the emergence of "fields of colour", the energetic "gesture" as stroke, the textures, the "Material" painting, the "plain colours" barely elaborated, the childlike, or like crazy, drawing with deliberately deformed boundaries, and that growing trend to simplification, the displayed scene loosing importance in favor of the picture itself, and the apparently unfinished appearance of the pictures, imply an interesting step in the History of Art, but it has not been assumed by the people.

Nowadays, in the blurred line between the two centuries, we approve that the artist is just the end of the wire that merge every people and from which shoot, through the art,    little pieces of the extensive mystery that shapes the perception and the human soul.

Therefore I can affirm that the art is anonymous, the main issue is the work, not the artist. The signature is only a market issue. Indeed, this market issue is the responsible to place and remove artists and tendencies.

To finish my opinion from the beginning of the XXI century I am going to say that I pretend to stay away from the current fashion.

I VINDICATE the need of telling something.  Probably such “something” has no sense, but no matter at all: I am not here to solve misteries, but to plan them. Also i do not like to affirm, I prefer to suggest.


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